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  Welcome to the page of Pure Comfort Spa Clinique!
e offer a wellness pure~pedicure service with 31 years of experience while providing absolute integrity.

FEET.....get no respect
Heal~Thy Soles

The sole purpose of a MANICURE is to improve the appearance of the hands and nails.
The word MANICURE (man'i-kur) is derived from the Latin word and "manus" which means hands and nails. The word "cura" which means care.

The sole purpose of a PEDICURE is the care of the feet, toes, and toenails. Foot care not only improves personal appearance, it also adds to the COMFORT of the feet. The prevention of infections are both accomplished by keeping the skin  cool, dry and clean. The word PEDICURE comes from the Latin word "ped" which means foot. The word "cura" means care.


Feet are the foundation of the body! The stability of your feet can have a profound effect on the other areas of your body. The way you walk
(Gait) does have an impact on the list below.

  • Foot problems

  • Knee problems

  • Hip problems

  • Neck problems

  • Strained muscles and spinal misalignment

  • Poor posture

  • Discomfort while standing, walking and running

  • Lower back pain

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